I told, my associate, Jordan, today to start reading the New Testament. (Yes, Jordan is Jewish) I didn’t do this because I want to dictate his beliefs. I did it because understanding the belief systems of our clients, colleagues and associates helps us to better understand how they make decisions and what belief systems those decisions are based on. In other words, it helps us serve them.

I am a believer that we need to do WHATEVER it takes to become better stewards to those we serve. As we do, not only do we grow—we engage and connect with our clients. The relationship you have with your clients will always be a measure of your success with them as well as your success in being spoken of and referred by them.

The cool thing is that in doing the homework on those you serve, you also become more “well rounded” in the ways of the world. After all, it is our belief systems that drive our behavior. So, even though Jordan has been brought up as a strong Jew, he will learn the intricacies that draw millions of people to many other religions and how it may impact their belief systems and therefore their behavior—and he will be the better for it.

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